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What All Christians Believe and Why What All Christians Believe and Why

A Contemporary Guide to the Historic Faith

by Schuringa, David H.

God's truths, worth gold, says Scripture (Ps. 19:10). Sounds promising, doesn't it? But believers appear to disagree on their understanding of those nuggets. In fact, one wonders whether Christians can agree on anything when faith is closely examined, especially in terms of value for today. For centuries, the theologians have labored to dig for the gold, but tend to come up with more ways for believers to differ from one another. And we certainly do need excellent teachers. However, the church, and its truth revered, is infinitely greater than the sum of its parts. This book aims to form faith on the basis of what all Bible-believing Christians treasure and hold dear. Far from a watered-down gospel, however, you will discover the meaty and unfathomable riches of the historic faith, and see for yourself just how valuable it is for your life in today's world, a world that is mistakenly investing heart and mind in counterfeit currency. Beginning with a persuasive case for the existence of God, the author then explains our rich faith in plain English based on the classic outline of the Trinity. But there is so much more. Throughout, he illustrates practical ways for enriching your faith and applying what you believe to shape a vibrant world-and-life view. Here is faith that believers truly know for its proven worth and endless returns. "David succeeds here . . . it sets forth what is precious to every Christian." - Dr. John M. Frame, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL

Paperback, 125 pages, Illustration Index, Scripture Index

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