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Legacy of Mercy Legacy of Mercy

by Austin, Lynn

She knew her new life would not be easy, but nothing could prepare her for what waits ahead. Having returned to Chicago from Holland, Michigan, young socialite Anna Nicholson can't seem to focus on her upcoming marriage. The new information she's learned about her birth mother continues to pull at her, and she hires Pinkerton detectives to help her discover the whole truth. But as she meets people who once knew her mother and hears stories about the past, Anna soon discovers that some secrets are better left hidden. With pressure mounting to keep the past quiet, she discovers daily that her choice to seek God's purpose for her life isn't as simple as she had hoped. When things are at their darkest, Anna knows she can turn to her grandmother, Geesje de Jonge, back in Holland, Michigan. Geesje's been helping new Dutch immigrants--including a teen with a troubled history--adjust to America. She only hopes that her wisdom can help all these young people through the turmoil they face. "Varying points of view, well-placed clues, and an interesting subplot about Anna's grandmother welcoming Dutch immigrants to Michigan keeps the story interesting. Austin skillfully embeds her strong spiritual message into the actions of her characters, creating a wonderful historical tale that is naturally inspirational."--Publishers Weekly starred review

Paperback, 400 pages, The book is a sequel to Waves of Mercy, perhaps the best historic novel covering the history of the Secession of 1834 (from the mainline Netherlands Reformed Church, NHK) and the 1846 departure of Secession folks with the Rev. Van Raalte-led emigration party to Michigan.

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