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From Rotterdam to Vught to Vancouver From Rotterdam to Vught to Vancouver

A Dutch Immigrant family's journey from the ravages of concentration Camp 'Vught' to Beautiful British Columbia

by Prisoner #7058, Campbell, Johanna

This is a book about certain events in Nazi occupied the Netherlands (1940-1945), written by the daughter of a couple who served in the Dutch resistance, pushing back against the WWII Nazi regime. The author has written the story of her parents whose underground engagement consisted of resisting the German Wehrmacht in every possible way. Because her father did not want to work as a policeman for the Nazis, his mother, father and seven siblings were taken as hostages by the Nazis to concentration camp Vught in the southern region of the Netherlands. Prisoner 7058, one of the author's uncles and younger brother of her father, wrote about the family's experiences in this concentration camp. The author has translated her uncle's book and incorporated it into this larger book. Part II of the book describes the early immigrant life of the author and her parents as they came to British Columbia, Canada, in 1951 to seek freedom and peace in the land of their liberators, the Canadian soldiers who fought so bravely to free much of the Netherlands from the Nazi regime.

Paperback, 94 pages, Richly illustrated. The author, who retired as a professor at a private university in British Columbia, first taught at Christian schools in Vancouver, Victoria and Abbotsford and was known to students and parents as Miss Johanna Alderliesten.

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