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Asia in the Making of Europe vol1 book2 Asia in the Making of Europe vol1 book2

Volume I: A Century of Discovery

by Lach, Donald F.

The rise to world dominance and the rapid industrial growth of the West, which outpaced the East in technical and military achievements, have led to a historical eclipse of the ancient and brilliant cultures of Asia. Historian Donald F. Lach in his fundamental classic work - scholarly but easy to read - points out that an eclipse is never permanent. The first volume in the series traces, century by century, the role of Asia in the making of Europe with specific attention to the Dutch involvement in this process. Book 1 and 2 of A Century of Discovery deal with what Europe had come to know about Asia by 1600: from the ancient Greeks to the opening of the route East around Cape Hope. From a discussion of this heritage of ideas, Mr. Lach moves to a detailed history of the opening of new channels of information with the establishment of direct, regular trade with Asia. ... A meticulously researched study which lends itself to line-by-line perusal, occasional browsing, and general reference, this work merits a place in every library. - Library Journal.

Paperback, 504 pages, 20 historical illustrations, maps, notes, index.

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