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The Nursery of the Holy Spirit The Nursery of the Holy Spirit

Welcoming Children in Worship

by Hyde, Daniel R.

Public worship is the nursery of the Holy Spirit. As you enter the sanctuary, you notice them at once. Then, as you take your seat next to a family, they are right there beside you. Throughout the ensuing service, you see them--and hear them. The presence of children in public worship is not only striking, but also increasingly strange in modern American church life. In fact, the idea of your children sitting or standing next to you during prayer, singing, or the pastor's sermon can be downright scary. This book is based in the conviction that public worship is the nursery of the Holy Spirit and that bringing children in is both beneficial and a blessing. The Nursery of the Holy Spirit offers practical advice on how to make this ideal a reality in your children's lives. Endorsements & Reviews "This is a timely book. While statistics suggest that many young adults are leaving the church, Danny Hyde contends that maybe we were unwelcoming to our children in the first place. He encourages parents to consider our children's relationship with the church and questions the common practice of separating them from our worship service. This practical book challenges us to evaluate what 'children friendly' really means with solid biblical exhortation." --Aimee Byrd, author of, among other, Housewife Theologian "We cannot take for granted anymore that churches, both Reformed and evangelical, keep their children in the sanctuary during the worship service. Danny Hyde has provided a thoughtful pastoral book that addresses this very issue. And for those already convinced that our covenant children should remain in the sanctuary worshiping the triune God, this book will provide further food for thought on why this practice is so important and should continue if we are to be faithful to our children and God's word." --Mark Jones, pastor, Faith Presbyterian Church, Vancouver, BC "Danny Hyde's love for children and his concern for their spiritual welfare shines through every page of this book. He combines rich biblical instruction with helpful practical advice in his passion to see the worship of God enriched by our children and our children enriched by God's worship." - David Murray, Professor of Old Testament and Pastoral Theology, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, MI

Paperback, 90 pages, notes, bibliography, Scripture Index, Confession Index

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