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The Sweet Taste of Providence The Sweet Taste of Providence

74 devotional episodes from history

by Farenhorst, Christine

History is like a large, beautiful cake. We can cut it into wonderful slices of providence, feast on them piece by piece and be fed. The stories within this book are such slices. Using brief episodes from the past, the author takes the reader on journeys in which the almighty and ever-present power of God is felt; journeys through which it becomes obvious that all things come about not by chance but are ordained by the Father’s hand. Each chapter of this book concludes with “Food for thought” consisting of two questions which help contemplate the events portrayed, questions designed for personal application and insight. Consequently, a smorgasbord is presented with food for a family, a homeschool group, or a book club, leading to edifying discussions.

Paperback, 300 pages,

USD 19.95 / CAD 24.95

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