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The Imperfect Pastor The Imperfect Pastor

Discovering Joy in Our Limitations through a Daily Apprenticeship with Jesus

by Eswine, Zack

Dear Pastor, Desire burns within you. You’ve trained and dreamt of doing large things in famous way as fast as you can for God’s glory. But pastoral work keeps requiring your surrender to small, mostly overlooked things over long periods of time. You stand at the crossroads. Jesus stands with you. You were never meant to know everything, fix everything, and be everywhere at once. That’s his role, not yours. So what now? Let the apprenticeship begin. Review “It's hard to imagine a book packed with more grace and insight into the extraordinary life of the ordinary pastor. So I'll quit trying and just read Zack Eswine's The Imperfect Pastor again. No one today shows more insight into the perils and joys of everyday ministry in the local church―a refreshingly honest and beautifully written meditation.” -Mark Galli, Editor in Chief, Christianity Today “This book needs to be read by every pastor, to rescue us and call us back to what matters. The expectation of large, famous, and fast ministry in a post-Christian culture can be a destructive burden. Zack's wisdom is a healing balm bringing needed grace to help us minister with patience and endurance.” ―Peter Boyd, Pastor, Shore Presbyterian Church, Auckland, New Zealand

Paperback, 272 pages, notes, general index, Scripture index

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