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Favor Favor

Finding Life at the Center of God's Affection

by Gilbert, Greg

Many Christians are under the mistaken impression that while God's grace may be a gift, his favor is something we must earn. This misunderstanding leads ultimately to lives that feel unfulfilled and inadequate. The author puts favor back in its rightful place, as God's gift through Jesus Christ. He shows how the favor Jesus earned through his perfect life and sacrificial death becomes ours the moment we believe. Knowing we already have God's favor frees us to live joyous lives no matter our physical or material circumstances. If you've felt beaten down by the burden of trying to earn God's blessings, this book will provide you with a strong start on a life of confidence in God. "This book . . . will challenge you to see God's blessing in every aspect of your life, and live accordingly."--Kyle Idleman, author of Grace is Greater; teaching pastor at Southeast Christian Church "In Favor, you will recognize what God's goodwill really looks like and realize what it means in your life. If you want to sincerely appreciate God's favor, read this book."--Jared C. Wilson, author of The Imperfect Disciple and The Prodigal Church "In the wake of prosperity theology's perversion of the gospel, Greg Gilbert has provided a thoroughly biblical treatment of what it means to live under God's favor and blessing."--R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Paperback, 174 pages,

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