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Christ's Psalms, Our Psalms Christ's Psalms, Our Psalms

Daily Meditations for Individuals and Families

by Holtvluwer, Peter H., editor

The Psalms have long been loved by believers. They turn to them in good days and bad, to both praise God with thanksgiving and to plead with God for help. The struggles of David and the other psalmists resonate with Christians today who treasure the same promises of the LORD that those of long ago relied on. The meditations in Christís Psalms, Our Psalms uncover those treasures. Sixteen Reformed pastors write rich yet easy-to-understand devotions that will help strengthen readerís faith in God. Even more, the Devotional shows how Jesus Christ is foreshadowed in all the laments, praises, thanksgivings and words of wisdom found throughout the Psalms. Like David and the other poets, Jesus suffered greatly, learned to lean on His Father intensely, and had cause to give thanks abundantly Ė and all this He went through as Mediator. Each meditation helps to know Him as Saviour more deeply. Three appendices add psalm devotions for those special dates on the Christian calendar: Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, Resurrection, Ascension and Pentecost. Thanksgiving and the New Year are also reflected upon.

Hardcover, 395 pages, Sewn bound. The book features two meditations for each psalm with 11 for Psalm 119. In all, the book contains 372 meditations.

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