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Upside Down Upside Down

Understanding and Supporting Attachment in Adoptive Families

by Guerra, Shannon

Adoptive families working through attachment issues often feel alone. It doesn’t have to be this way though. The communities around them want to help, yet they usually don’t know how to help when it comes to attachment issues. A little perspective can change all of that. In her book, the author shares stories from dozens of families healing through the spectrum of attachment issues, from general attachment concerns to reactive attachment disorder. It demonstrates ways adoptive families can explain these often invisible special needs to the community around them, and also shows how these communities can provide support without causing more damage to a hurting child and further isolating the families working so hard to heal them. Topics include —the reality behind the rose-tinted movies; —the why behind the weird limits; —the tangle of community; —what adoptive families really want besides coffee; —sample letters for care providers; and —links and further resources. Adoptive families need not feel alone, and the communities around them can be equipped to make sure they never feel that way.

Paperback, 75 pages,

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