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Love Thy Body Love Thy Body

Answering Hard Questions about Life and Sexuality

by Pearcey, Nancy R.

Why the call to Love Thy Body? To counter a pervasive hostility toward the body and biology that drives today's headline stories, such as: 1) Transgenderism: Activists detach gender from biology. Kids down to kindergarten are being taught their body is irrelevant to their authentic self. Is this affirming--or does it demean the body? 2) Homosexuality: Advocates disconnect sexuality from biological identity as male or female. Is this liberating--or does it denigrate biology? 3) Abortion: Supporters say the fetus is not a person, though it is biologically human. Does this mean equality for women--or does it threaten the intrinsic value of all humans? 4) Euthanasia: Those who lack certain cognitive abilities are said to be human but not persons. Is this compassionate--or does it ultimately put everyone at risk? In Love Thy Body, the bestselling author goes beyond politically correct slogans with a riveting exposť of the dehumanizing worldview that shapes current watershed moral issues. She then turns the tables on media boilerplate that misportrays Christianity as harsh or hateful. A former agnostic, she makes a surprising and persuasive case that Christianity is holistic, sustaining the dignity of the body and biology. Throughout the author entrances readers with compassionate stories of people wrestling with hard questions in their own lives--their pain, their struggles, their triumphs. Endorsements: "Nancy Pearcey models on every page how to understand secular worldviews. . . . Love Thy Body is a must-read book."--Rosaria Butterfield, former professor, Syracuse University; author, The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert "Nancy Pearcey unmasks the far-reaching practical consequences of mind-body dualism better than anyone I have ever seen. This book is not only good reading for all well-informed Christians but it should be used as a textbook for applied philosophy. I heartily recommend it." -- Jennifer Roback Morse, founder and president, The Ruth Institute "Nancy Pearcey has once again gifted us with a book that will be of great service to many. Writing with both deep compassion and clear thinking, she helps us to better understand the worldview that lies behind the huge cultural shifts we have recently experienced in the West. This book will equip and inspire many. Pearcey is a wonderful guide." --Sam Allberry, The Gospel Coalition; author, Is God Anti-Gay?

Hardcover, 335 pages, with dust jacket, study guide, notes, index

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