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Redeeming Pop Culture Redeeming Pop Culture

A Kingdom Approach

by Moore, T.M.

Pop culture surrounds us daily—its music, movies, fashions, fads, literature, lingo, and icons. “Is it legitimate for evangelical Christians to find pleasure in popular culture?” asks the author. “How can we benefit from engaging the popular culture from a kingdom perspective? How will the cause of Christ’s kingdom be served?” He brings biblical insight and cultural awareness to these questions in this readable book, complete with questions for study and discussion. He urges us neither to flee popular culture nor to follow it blindly. Pop culture presents countless opportunities for the alert, thinking Christian to glorify God through all that he has made. It also helps us understand a lost world and provides new avenues for communicating the gospel of the kingdom where people live. Endorsements "Moore moves seamlessly from Bob Dylan to Andrew Wyeth to baseball to Steve Irwin to his beloved Gerald Manley Hopkins. Even more impressive is his biblical-theological understanding of culture and its relation to God's kingdom." —William Edgar

Paperback, 168 pages, notes, questions for study and reflection

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