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God's Mighty Acts in Creation God's Mighty Acts in Creation

by Meade, Starr

Nature reveals majestic truths about Godótruths that help us know him better. Godís Mighty Acts in Creation helps children recognize those wonders, and what they tell us about their Creator. As the author guides young readers through the six days of creation, she points to how creation displays the wisdom and power of God. She also helps readers explore and apply other references to nature in the Bible by answering questions such as: What did Jesus mean when he claimed to be the true vine? How is all flesh like grass, and how should that affect the way we live? What was God revealing about himself when he made the sun stand still for Joshua? Each reading includes a key verse, stimulating questions, and engaging activities, all geared toward elementary-aged children. Whether parents use this book for family devotions or children read it for themselves, all will learn how Godís glory, wisdom, sovereignty, and power are revealed in all of creation. This is a companion of the book Godís Mighty Acts in Salvation.

Paperback, 109 pages, 45 stories

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