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When You Pray When You Pray

Making the Lord's Prayer Your Own

by Philip Graham Ryken

In his book, the author looks at the power and truth in the phrases of the Lord's Prayer, compares them with other biblical parallels, and shows you how to make this prayer your own. Endorsements “When You Pray is a model exposition of the model prayer—clear but never clinical, instructive but never tedious, challenging but never crushing. It is thoroughly biblical and therefore wonderfully practical. Ryken’s patient unfolding of the Lord’s Prayer phrase by phrase simultaneously engages the mind, directs the will, warms the heart, and— best of all—will make you want to pray.” —Sinclair Ferguson, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC; “The Lord’s Prayer is a clear path into communion with God. When You Pray by Phil Ryken is a clear path into the Lord’s Prayer. Anyone whose heart longs for God will find sure guidance here.” —Raymond C. Ortlund Jr., Pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church, Nashville, TN; “Written in a strongly devotional spirit and based on solid scholarship, Philip Ryken’s When You Pray: Making the Lord’s Prayer Your Own is a rare book. Martin Luther said that the Book of Psalms contains the whole Bible in a single book and the Lord’s Prayer summarizes the Psalms in a few words. Therefore, this pregnant portion of Scripture is a key that can unlock the entire Bible.” —Archie Parrish, President, Serve International.

Paperback, 206 pages, Questions for Discussion; Notes, Index, Scripture Index

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