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Searching for Truth Searching for Truth

Discovering the Meaning and Purpose of Life

by Boot, Joe

Many people ignore or reject Christianity, not because they have looked at its claims and found them lacking, but because nobody has ever given reasonable answers for their questions. Others have simply never heard a clear explanation of the truth of Christianity, or maybe they know little or nothing about the Bible. Beginning with a basic understanding of the world, Joe Boot explains the biblical worldview, giving special attention to the life and claims of Jesus Christ. He wrestles with common questions about suffering, truth, morality and guilt. If you are searching for truth, you will find a compelling explanation of the truth of the Bible in this book. Endorsements "This book will change the way you think, your behavior and your outlook of life. An inspirational read!" - Stuart Head "I am delighted to recommend this book by my colleague Joe Boot. He gently urges his readers to consider the 'big questions of life', for indeed, as he shows us, they are inescapable. And who more fitting to guide us through these questions than a young man with a passion and vision for your world rooted in his love for God?" - Dr. Ravi Zacharias "Joe Boot is a fresh, welcome voice in the Christian world. He presents a clear message that combines intellectual substance and logical development with spiritual enrichment and emotional satisfaction, leaving us not only better informed but under clear urging to respond to the message. He present the big picture in a way that makes the little things that trouble us fall in to place." - Charles Price

Paperback, 247 pages, Complete with Study Guide, General Index

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