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You Lift Me Up You Lift Me Up

Overcoming Ministry Challenges

by Martin, Albert N.

It happens little by little. . . Even in the context of a very faithful ministry, a pastor may be at risk of a gradual-but ultimately debilitating-downfall. The author speaks from years of experience as he guides pastors to identify warning signs of dangerous paths: Backsliding-a spiritual decline manifested first in the prayer closet. Burnout-erosion of one's mental, emotional, psychological, and physical resiliency and buoyancy. Washout-the loss of credibility among the people. With sympathetic counsel, the author probes into the life of the minister, addressing symptoms, causes and cures for these conditions. For some, these pages may prove corrective and restorative. For others, they may prove preventive.

Paperback, 144 pages, Notes

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