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The Theology of the French Reformed Churches The Theology of the French Reformed Churches

From Henry IV to the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes

by Klauber, Martin I.

The Theology of the French Reformed Churches introduces us to the Huguenots of the seventeenth century. The period was an unusual one in which France boasted two state religions, Roman Catholic and Protestant, due to the protections afforded the latter by the Edict of Nantes in 1598. In this book, the author and his team of scholars survey the development of and difficulties facing the early French Reformed tradition as well as the ecclesiastical, theological, and political challenges it faced during the seventeenth century. They also investigate the important contributions made by some of its most significant theologians: Mo´se Amyraut, Pierre du Moulin, Jean DaillÚ, Andreas Rivetus, Charles Drelincourt, Claude Pajon, Jean Claude, and Pierre Jurieu. The theologians of the seventeenth-century French Reformed churches displayed a theological richness rarely remembered even among Reformed believers in the centuries following their labor, and this volume resurrects some of their vitality for a new audience.

Paperback, 414 pages, Notes, Bibliography, General Index

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