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No Christian Silence on Science No Christian Silence on Science

Science from a Christian Perspective

by Helder, Margaret

This is a “how to” book, how to evaluate scientific pronouncements and so called facts and how to avoid being overwhelmed by secular or theistic evolutionary arguments. The book’s objective is to show that science, when critically evaluated, does not threaten a biblical understanding of how we came to be here. "So who should read No Christian Silence? This will be of interest to anyone, but for the young high school graduate heading into the Sciences this is a must read. If they were to read it before heading to their first university science class, and really worked through it slowly and thoughtfully, they would be well-prepared. There are other books they should read too, but this is a very good place to start because Dr. Helder covers all the key controversies, and gives good solid direction on how to meet and deal with the opposition." - Jon Dykstra, Reformed Perspective.

Paperback, 115 pages, Illustrated, Notes, Index of Subjects and Names

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