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Paul's Recipe for Prospering the Church in Crete

by Bouwman, Clarence

Would a book on how to lead a successful business answer the question of how to grow a church? The Apostle Paul would think not. Taking seriously God's instruction in the Scriptures Paul had, the apostle instructed Titus what he had to do to grow the church in Crete well--and it was not to follow a business model. This book seeks to assist today's reader as the author works his way through Paul's letter to Titus. Along the way we'll grapple with such questions as - How do you make a church prosper? - What should leadership in a church look like? - What role are individual members to play in the Lord's church? - How does one handle dissent in a church? - How does the church thrive in a culture of deceit? A fresh look at this letter's answers can only be beneficial as one seeks to grow God's way in today's business-minded world. Endorsements & Reviews "There are many solid and helpful commentaries on and expositions of the 'Pastoral Epistles'--1 & 2 Timothy and Titus. Far too often the unique message of Paul's letter to Titus is overshadowed by Paul's more familiar letters to Timothy. Reverend Clarence Bouwman's sound, wise, and fearless exposition of Titus and the controversies it addresses is a great resource for God's people interested in those things 'faithful' churches do to be 'faithful.'" --Kim Riddlebarger, Senior Pastor, Christ Reformed Church in Anaheim (URCNA); cohost of the White Horse Inn Radio program; author, A Case for Amillennialism. "Clarence Bouwman has written a readable and thought-provoking book on Paul's letter to Titus. At least three aspects set this book apart from other publications: (1) the discussion of Old Testament background throughout, which often sheds additional light on Paul's exhortations, (2) the practical applications which will be enjoyed by office-bearers and lay people alike, and (3) the author's punchy writing style. Warmly recommended." --Arjan de Visser, Professor of Diaconiology, Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary, Hamilton, Ontario

Paperback, 178 pages, Each chapter closes with points for (group) discussion; Index of Sujects; Index of Scripture References.

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