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Prone to Wander Prone to Wander

by Duguid Houk, Wayne; Duguid, Barbara R.; Duguid, Iain M., Editor

Confessing our sins might seem like a gloomy business—God already knows about them, so what’s the point of dwelling on failure? But confession is more celebratory than we think. It does not simply remind us of our guilt, but points us to our great Savior, who has atoned for us and lovingly pursues us despite our wandering. These prayers open with a scriptural call of confession, confess specific sins, thank the Father for Jesus’ perfect life and death in our place, ask for the help of the Spirit in pursuing holiness, and close with an assurance of pardon. Inspired by the Puritan classic The Valley of Vision, these prayers were developed for both personal devotions and church use. Endorsements: “Duguid and Houk show how the heart longing for reconciliation with God can find peace and beauty in biblical confession. Long ago, another wrote that grace is not sweet if sin is not bitter. Duguid and Houk help us to face the bitter to taste the sweet.” —Bryan Chapell, Senior Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church; “This book has many virtues. One is its flexibility in being adaptable to a range of situations, including public worship and private devotions. . . . The book covers the whole of the Christian life. I love its overall aims and the method, as well as the execution of details.” —Leland Ryken, Professor of English, Wheaton College.

Paperback, 238 pages, index of themes, index of calls to confession, index of assurances of pardon, index of sermon texts for which the prayers were written, index of musical resources

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