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Federal Vision Federal Vision

A Canadian Reformed Pastor's Perspective

by Bredenhof, Wes

In his booklet, the author briefly examines some of what those associated with 'Federal Vision' have been saying. He demonstrates why, in the big picture, it should be regarded as a deviation from confessional Reformed orthodoxy. In his estimation, it is na´ve to suggest that the FV is simply repeating what was taught by Dutch theologians Klaas Schilder, Holwerda and others. What is Federal Vision? A summary, explains that the FV is a movement born of a concern that many Christians have neglected the covenant. Consequently, they trust their own experiences for the assurance of salvation, rather than trusting Christ. The author holds this and more against the light of Scripture and confessions.

Paperback, 45 pages, No ISBN # given, helpful notes.

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