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The World Our Home The World Our Home

Christians Between Creation and Recreation

by Van der Waal, Dr. C.

In his book, originally published in the Dutch language as “De wereld, onze woning”, the author does not promote a false sense of optimism, although he does oppose cultural pessimism. To him, the Christ-believer is the rightful heir to this inheritance, God’s creation, the world, and argues that the cultural mandate has as much a place in the New Testament era as does the mission mandate of Matthew 28. On that basis, the author calls Christians to cultural engagement and to living a life on the created earth as whole human being with bodies as well as spirits. Christians are not to transform culture, and certainly not to counter it, but simply to fulfill their calling, to be the salt and the light, not just through pure doctrine and preaching to save souls, but by example how life is meant to be lived on this created earth. As part of their mission mandate, Christians need to be able to have meaningful dialogue between “Jerusalem and Athens.” That dialogue should point to creation as well as recreation (Easter), and forward to the resurrection of the bodies.

Paperback, 161 pages, Scripture Index, notes

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