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In Six Days God Created - 10 copies In Six Days God Created - 10 copies

Refuting the Framework and Figurative Views of the Days of Creation

by Bedard, Paulin

In his book, the author refutes the so-called framework interpretation and other figurative interpretations of the days of creation and shows the majestic progression of God's work of creation in six literal days. He also enters into debate with well-known contemporary theologians and seeks to give exegetical and theological guidance to modern students, pastors, and other church leaders amidst the currently overwhelming push for the non literal interpretations of particularly Genesis 1 and 2. >
For more reading, also consider these academically inclined but faithful resources by Dr. John Byl: The Divine Challenge
as well as God and Cosmos, A Christian view of time, space, and the universe.

Paperback, 254 pages, 10 copies, bulk order, smaller quantities at $17.95 each. See separate listing for this book In Six Days God Created.

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