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Adam In the New Testament Adam In the New Testament

Mere Teaching Model or First Historical Man?

by Versteeg, J.P., and Translated by Gaffin Jr, Richard B.,

One challenge to biblical authority is how Adam is understood. Freshly translated, this acknowledged modern classic defends the historic church position that all human beings descend from Adam as the first human being. “One’s view of sin, redemption, and the Redeemer is closely connected with one’s view of Adam,” contends the author in the introduction of his book, thereby taking on modernist views such as those of Dutch theologian Kuitert. "Given the recent debates about the existence of Adam, this vigorous defense of historical Adam is relevant now as it was when first published in Dutch. The exegetical and theological issues remain the same today. Versteeg shows with vigor and cogency that the New Testament's teaching requires a historical Adam, and his defense deserves the attention of all who are interested in the question." - Vern Poythress “Many thanks for reissuing this helpful work. Among its many virtues let me mention two. First, Versteeg stresses clearly that Paul’s arguments in Romans and 1 Corinthians depend on historical sequence: Adam did something, and as a result something happened, and then Jesus came to deal with the consequences of it all. In this process both Adam and Jesus acted as representatives. Second, our view of Adam is bound up with our view of sin: is it an intruder into God’s good world (the traditional position), or is it a necessary part of the creation (which denial of historical Adam entails)? Anyone reading this will appreciate that contemporary discussions of Adam are still treading the same ground.” - C. John Collins, Professor of Old Testament, Covenant Theological Seminary

Paperback, 96 pages, numerous notes

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