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Go and Make Disciples Go and Make Disciples

An Introduction to Christian Missions

by Greenway, Roger S.

Here is a book about missions written in plain English. A missionary as well as a scholar, administrator, and teacher, the author has done the Christian church a valuable service by writing a frank, realistic, practical, concise, and very readable book. It is one especially helpful for adult study groups and people preparing for mission, and for college-level introductory courses in missions. “The excellent organization, well-selected quotations for missions scholars, coupled with helpful review and discussion questions make this volume ideal for group learning.” - Charles E.Van Engen, Fuller Theological Seminary A professor of World Missiology at Calvin Theological Seminary, the author has written numerous books and articles on world missions

Paperback, 190 pages, discussion questions, appendix “How to Evangelize and Multiply Churches”, bibliography,

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