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In Six Days God Created In Six Days God Created

Refuting the Framework and Figurative Views of the Days of Creation

by Bédard, Paulin

In his book, the author refutes the so-called framework interpretation and other figurative interpretations of the days of creation and shows the majestic progression of God’s work of creation in six literal days. He also enters into debate with well-known contemporary theologians and seeks to give exegetical and theological guidance to modern students, pastors, and other church leaders amidst the currently overwhelming push for the non literal interpretations of particularly Genesis 1 and 2. What follows are the evaluations of commentators who have themselves written on this subject:

“Paulin Bédard has written an excellent refutation of figurative views of Genesis 1. He shows the necessity of maintaining the plain truth of God’s Word, in face of current attacks on its credibility. I heartily recommend this book, particularly for Reformed (and other) theologians and students.” — Dr. John Byl (Professor Emeritus, Mathematical Science, Trinity Western University)

“Rev. Bédard’s focused critique of the Framework Hypothesis and his vigorous defence of the plain meaning of Scripture deserves a wide reading. Heartily recommended!” — Dr. Cornelis Van Dam (Professor Emeritus, Old Testament, Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary)

“In Six Days God Created needs to get out there into the hands of as many people as possible. This is a powerful and well-argued book on a timely subject. The author grounds his arguments strictly on the Word of God, using biblical and time-honoured methods of interpretation…. Though the book reflects careful scholarship, the main point is clear: we simply need to humbly accept what the Bible plainly and clearly teaches about origins. Such humility and clarity leads me to commend this book most highly. Get it for your home, for your school, and for your church library.” — Dr. Wes Bredenhof (Minister in the Canadian Reformed Church federation)

As well as reviewers:

“Those who find themselves attracted to the Framework Hypothesis should read this book for its thorough, incisive, and cautionary critique of this theory and its potential consequences.” — Dr. Jannes Smith (Professor of Old Testament, Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary)

“Paulin Bédard has done an admirable job of highlighting the dangers inherent in this insidious interpretation of the creation account. His extensive research demonstrates that those who embrace the Framework Hypothesis often are influenced by the ‘apparent’ scientific evidence for long ages in their reading of Genesis 1 and 2. Clearly presenting the presuppositions and refuting the arguments of those who promote these erroneous views, it is well worth a read.” — Dr. Anco Farenhorst (DVM)

Rev. Bédard, who graduated from the Reformed Seminary in Aix-en-Provence, France, serves as a pastor in the federation of the Reformed Churches of Québec, Canada (L’Église Réformée du Québec).

Paperback, 254 pages,
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