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Unseen Footprints Unseen Footprints

by Feenstra, Peter

As Christians travel down the road full of life’s experiences, it is not always understood why things happen the way they do. Sometimes the path is pleasant and, even though they are not sure what the day will bring, they are nevertheless thankful for God’s good gifts. On other occasions Christians are perplexed, shed tears, feel disheartened, discouraged or downcast. There are times when they have difficulty figuring out how to proceed; they feel paralyzed when calamity strikes. The road ahead would be far too difficult if Christians did not have the perspective of faith. The Lord takes them through the raging storm and cuts a path through the dense jungles of human experience. God’s presence is not visible to the physical eye but He calls Christians to follow His unseen footprints. In 260 meditations, Unseen Footprints encourages its readers to listen for the sound of God’s footsteps as He makes His way through history, and to follow His unseen footprints. The author who serves as a minister in the federation of the Canadian Reformed Churches (with a continental Reformed Christian heritage) previously wrote

these titles:
• Submitting to One Another Out of Reverence for Christ, a series of sermons on marriage and family life,
• Unspeakable Comfort, a commentary on the Canons of Dort,
• The Glorious Work of Home Visits,
and • You Only, a popular commentary and study guide on the prophecy of Amos,

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Paperback, 274 pages,

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