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De gebroken vleugel van de Duitse Adelaar De gebroken vleugel van de Duitse Adelaar

Inventarisatie van de Duitse verliezen in de luchtoorlog van mei 1940 boven Nederland

by Brongers, E.H.

A military historian and lecturer, the author details, catalogues in his book Germany’s huge air force losses they suffered over the Netherlands when they invaded this small neighbor in May 1940. The extent of the losses are plainly staggering, and a surprise to people when they hear or read about it. Contrary to popular impressions imbedded in Dutch psyche since the defeat of their country’s poorly equipped army in WWII, the German archives tell a more nuanced story. The author lists all downed fighters, bombers and transport planes by serial number, province, place and date, as well as the casualties and the extent of damage to the aircraft. A separate list features aircraft which crashed on the way home in Germany as the result of Dutch anti-aircraft fire. The German paratrooper commander ordered a total blank-out on any discussion of Germany’s defeat in the Battle of The Hague within Germany’s military. The author details that battle in his English-language book The Battle of Hague. A Can$27.95 value. NOW ON SALE.

Paperback, 124 pages, Illustrated – Dutch language, Special import. Limited supply.

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