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The True Faith The True Faith

A Commentary on Lordís Day 1-22 of the Heidelberg Catechism

by De Graaf, S.G., Stienstra, the Rev. Richard, translator

The redemptive historical insight, so helpful and illuminating for children and adults in the authorís three volume series Promise and Deliverance, becomes a profound covenantal beacon of light in this book The True Faith. In the final years of his life the authorís mature insight of Reformed theology, consistently and comprehensively applied to the Churchís confession, produced a work that all Reformed preachers and teachers, as well as every believer ought to read and meditate on. This commentary takes Godís eternal love as the motif in creating and recreating, always showing that His covenant and all His works proceed from that one decree made in Godís counsel of peace. In his preface, the bookís translator Richard Stienstra expresses the hope that anyone reading this work will experience a broadened and deepened insight into the Lordís ways and works.

Paperback, 495 pages,

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