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May You Have a Merry Christmas May You Have a Merry Christmas

and the Best New Year Ever!

by Leith, John H., Goodloe IV, James C., Editor

The author enjoyed Christmas. He appreciated it especially as a celebration of the goodness of this world that God not only created but also, in the incarnation of Jesus Christ, entered, blessed with his presence, and redeemed. And at Christmas he especially wanted to be in contact with, and to minister to, those whom he loved, those whom he had taught, and those whom he cherished as colleagues in the Christian and Reformed ministry of preaching, teaching, and pastoral care. This little book comprises a collection of Christmas letters the author wrote to his former students at Union Theological Seminary in Virginia. The letters grew lengthier and richer through the years and have been gathered in this book so that others may enjoy reading them also. Adopt this book as an ideal gift idea for Christmas (any day really, since the birth of Christ has relevance for the Christian every day).

Paperback, 112 pages, Notes, bibliography

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