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Calvin's Theology of the Psalms Calvin's Theology of the Psalms

Texts and Studies in Reformation and Post-Reformation Thought

by Selderhuis, Herman J.

In this intriguing book, the author argues that John Calvin's biblical interpretation of the Psalms is fundamentally shaped by his doctrine of God. In minimizing the references to other Calvin studies he allows Calvin's theology on the Psalms to speak for itself. The book is organized thematically according to divine attributes. The author, professor for church history and church polity at the Theological University Apeldoorn (the Netherlands), believes that the Geneva Reformer expressed the heart of his theology when he offered the programmatic statement that God is at the center of the Psalms. The book demonstrates this pattern of Calvin's thought from his commentary on the Psalms. The author first investigates the relation between Calvin's biography and his theology according to his commentary on the Psalms. The main section of the book then explores Calvin's commentary on the Psalms thematically according to the thesis that Calvin's commentary is vitally interested in the First Person of the Trinity and that his doctrine of God fundamentally informs his biblical interpretation. The book is organized according to the attributes of God because Calvin stressed the need to talk about God in terms of those attributes. Calvin proposes an image of God that gives maximum comfort and assurance to believers. The author sees Calvin's commentary on the Psalms as a pastoral variation of Calvin's Institutes.

Paperback, 304 pages, Bibliography and index.

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