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The Basics of the Reformed Faith series The Basics of the Reformed Faith series

35 volumes

by various authors

Introduces readers to basic Reformed Christian doctrine and practice. These resources are designed especially for use by Presbyterian and Reformed churches, for equipping their members and especially helpful for outreach. On issues of church government and practice they reflect that framework but are suitable for all church situations.

“Those who teach and lead will love these booklets because they are a perfect resource to share with inquirers and to use in discipleship. Church members will love them because they supply meaty and understandable instruction on important aspects of Christian doctrine, duty, and devotion.” – Ligon Duncan, Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, Mississippi

The series (24 to date) consists of the following titles:
How do we Glorify God? - John D. Hannah
How our Children come to Faith – Stephen Smallman
What are Election and Predestination? - Richard D. Phillips
What are Spiritual Gifts? - Vern S. Poythress
What is a Reformed Church? – Stephen Smallman
What is a True Calvinist? - Philip Graham Ryken
What is Biblical Preaching? - Eric J. Alexander
What is Discipleship? – Stephen Smallman
What is Grace? - Sean Michael Lucas
What is Hell? - Christopher W. Morgan and Robert A. Peterson
What is Justification by Faith Alone? - J. V. Fesko
What is Man? - A. Craig Troxel
What is Perseverance of the Saints? - Michael A. Milton
What is Providence? - Derek W. H. Thomas
What is Spiritual Warfare? - Stanley D. Gale
What is the Atonement? - Richard D. Phillips
What is the Christian Worldview? - Philip Graham
Ryken What is the Lord’s Supper? - Richard D. Phillips
What is True Conversion? – Stephen Smallman
What is Vocation? - Stephen J. Nichols
What is Worship Music? - Paul S. Jones
Why Believe in God? - Daniel R. Hyde
Why do we Baptize Infants? – Bryan Chapell

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