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The 20th Century Revival of Genevan Psalmody The 20th Century Revival of Genevan Psalmody

In Reformed Worship in North America

by Overduin, J. E.

This study deals with the reemergence of Genevan Psalmody in English, especially in the early 20th Century Christian Reformed Church. It details the historical development and analyses and evaluates the contents of the "Chorale Section" in the Psalter, which is still used by various federations of Reformed churches with roots in continental Europe, including the Free Reformed Churches of North America. Though some valid critique may be made concerning the "Chorale Section," this study concludes that "every effort ought to be made to revive the best of the tradition of Genevan psalmody in Reformed worship on the American continent, for it is a heritage that, characterized by 'weight and majesty,' aims to enhance true worship to the glory of God and deepen vital congregational and personal spirituality.

Paperback, 134 pages, Bibliography.

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