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Psalmody Through the Ages Psalmody Through the Ages

A Survey of the History of Psalmody

by Postma, Ted J.

This volume grew from a series of adult Bible class presentations, prompted by suggestions from the author’s audience to make these well-documented studies available more widely. He calls his survey of the history of psalmody mostly "a compilation of research and opinions of others”. This alone makes the book valuable, since it extensively documents reasons for maintaining psalmody, as the Free Reformed churches do through the use of its Psalter. In addition, the book contains extensive and incisive evaluations and comments regarding the construction and contents of hymns and contemporary Christian music. This volume will help give its readers a renewed appreciation for singing Psalms in worship services, as well as being an informative study guide for evaluating hymns and contemporary songs.

Paperback, 180 pages, Notes and bibliography.

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