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Christian Citizenship Guide Christian Citizenship Guide

Christianity and Canadian political life

by Wagner, Michael

If the Christian faith seems to pull people in a very different direction than where the secular society is going, you are right. That is because God has placed man on earth for a purpose and He calls his own to be faithful, regardless of the situation in which they live. This Christian Citizenship Guide is intended to help its readers better understand Canadian political life and the valuable role that each Christian can have in applying his or her faith to politics. The easy-to-read book raises ideas and generates discussion, making it a very suitable resource for young and old alike, regardless of one’s political interest or experience. Topics tackled include the Christian contribution to Canada’s history, understanding Parliament, the courts, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and measuring the modern understanding of human rights to the Christian faith. This is all capped off with a look at what can be do to have a positive impact in the communities and country where God has put his people. This book was written for the Association for Reformed Political Action (ARPA Canada).

Paperback, 119 pages, Black and white photo illustrations.

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