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God and Government God and Government

A Biblical perspective on the role of the State

by Van Dam, Dr. Cornelis

“Why talk about a biblical perspective on the role of government? Who needs the Bible for that? Let’s keep religion out of this!” Everyone raising issues such as the Christian and citizenship and the Christian and politics will have heard sentiments such as stated above; these are even fairly commonly heard today, also from others who profess Christ. To be fair, it should be recognized at the outset that any view of government will be influenced by one’s world view and religious mind-set. An atheist will have his view of the task of government influence by his presuppositions and so will a Christian and so will a Muslim. There is no such thing as a neutral person or a perfectly objective view of government. So then why should spend time on the Bible’s view of the state? In God and Government, Prof. Dr. Cornelis Van Dam tackled this question for the Association for Reformed (Christian) Political Action (ARPA Canada), in a presentation for Canada’s MP's and Senators.

Paperback, 15 pages, (the list price is for a package of 4 copies)

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