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Rondje IJsselmeer Rondje IJsselmeer

Tochtjes voor doeners en thuisblijvers

by Weerheijm, Tom

Acquaint yourself with more of the 'hidden' treasures of the Netherlands which are actually on full display. Picturesque and historic harbour towns, centuries-old sea dikes, expansive landscapes, architecture-rich cityscape, traditional costumes; the region around the former Zuiderzee has it all, when it comes to culture and nature. It is one of the most very attractive areas in the Netherlands, begging you to come for a visit. The author gives plenty of suggestions for sightseeing, leaving the choice to you whether you use a bicycle, bus, car, boat, rail or simply walk to explore the area. The region includes very quiet areas on the way to history-rich Broek in Waterland. The author shows where you can traverse dikes by foot, take to boat to Pampus (a fort on an elevated sandbar) or Stavoren, and examines the traces of the VOC-past of Edam, Enkhuizen and Hoorn. The book is more than a travel guide, you can enjoy it at home too as an armchair traveler!

Paperback, 230 pages, Richly illustrated with colour photographs, special import, Dutch text. Limited supply.

USD 14.95 / CAD 19.95

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