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A Christian's Response to Islam A Christian's Response to Islam

by Miller, William M.

Islam and Islamists are on the front page. They and their religion are heard on the news, and debated by opinionated columnists - some tolerant, but many others strongly concerned about some or many aspects of what is seen as an ideology. It concerns a burning issue, and its fire is affecting everyone – politically, economically, and spiritually. But how much is understood of the world behind the Koran? In this book, William McElwee Miller provides a comprehensive and easy-to-read guide to the world of Islam; how it began, its beliefs and customs, and the differences between Islam and Christianity. He shows Christians how to respond to Islam in a way that will communicate Christ’s love to its followers. The author stresses the need to understand the Muslim mind and culture before we can relate the Christian faith in an edifying way.

Paperback, 178 pages, Notes, Bibliography

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