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The Glorious Gospel of Grace The Glorious Gospel of Grace

Sermons on the Heidelberg Catechism

by Wieske, Rev. G.

"… our great and gracious God will reward the faithfulness of His children. Not because He has to, but because He wants to. He is like a father who promises His children to reward them for the work he gives them to do. Because he loves his children, He wants to encourage and inspire them… Who performs the good works believers do? Who is the source that allows them to produce fruits of thankfulness? Who else but God? Who else but the Spirit of Jesus Christ?… All thoughts of merit disappear in the light of the gospel of the crucified Christ…What an incredible display of diving mercy! The only answer to it is a life of love for the mercies of our God. Merit implies calculation. Earning credit points does not demand love. But true believers don’t keep a record of their good works. They are overwhelmed by the gospel of grace. Their fruits of faith well up from hearts that stammer: “What shall I render to my Saviour now, for all the riches of his consolation?” – From the author's sermon on Lord’s Day 24.

Hardcover, 377 pages,

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