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Another Look at Dooyeweerd Another Look at Dooyeweerd

Some critical notes regarding the Philosophy of the Cosmonomic Idea

by Douma, J.

Professor B. Holwerda, a leading personality in the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands who was a critic of Philosophy of the Cosmonomic Idea (PCI for short), declared, so writes the author, had much benefited from the philosophical work of its proponents, the thinkers Vollenhoven and Dooyeweerd. In expressing his appreciation, Holwerda echoed the sentiments of his Kampen Theological College colleague K. Schilder. Their appreciation was not without reservations and concerns, however. Author Douma notes that there was a wall of silence in response, with discussion about any critical notes seeming to come from abroad. Criticism does justice to PCI because it attempts a dialogue, notes the author.

Paperback, 75 pages, Richly referenced with notes.

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