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The Covenantal Gospel The Covenantal Gospel

by Van der Waal, Dr. C.

What significance does the Old Testament have for the church of the new covenant? What is the difference between the old and new covenant? What is the relationship between the two? Some have said that the new covenant has a different structure than the old; others maintain that this is a matter of "more" and "less." But what do these terms mean? These and many more questions are pertinent for every Bible reader. What about the gifts of speaking in tongues and healing of the sick that are mentioned in the New Testament? Are these gifts also given to the church today? Should today's Bible reader strive to speak in tongues? Or are these special gifts specific to the early New Testament church? The author answers these and similar questions in his book, in a style that is directed at non-theologians as well as scholars. He examines the structure and typifying elements of both Biblical and social covenants, and proceeds to study commonly accepted distinctions such as "covenant of works" versus "covenant of grace" and "law" versus "gospel." He then describes in detail the relationship between the old and new covenants, followed by an analysis of the special but passing nature of the apostolic era and the permanent "more" of the new covenant. Endorsement "The Gospel is covenantal in every respect. If things go wrong in the churches, ask whether the covenant is indeed preached and understood. If missionary work is superficial, ask whether the covenant is taken into account... If sects and movements multiply, undoubtedly they speak of the covenant in a strange way, or ignore it deliberately... It must be proclaimed." - G. Van Rongen, Una Sancta

Paperback, 192 pages,

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