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The Flame of the Word, Book 3 The Flame of the Word, Book 3

Church History Narratives

by Nap, Apko & Torenvliet, Pieter

“… it is hard to image a more engaging, interactive, and instructional approach to the teaching of church history.” - Clarion, Jan. 20, 2012

Helps turn church history into a treasured subject for teachers and students!

The authors, Reformed Christian school principals, have blown new life into this important subject by drawing from fascinating stories in church history which will elicit the interest of students. In this easy to read text book they have recaptured this excitement by using thrilling narratives (supported by quality illustrations) as a vehicle to reach out to students’ imagination.

Other books in The Flame of the Word series include:
Book 1, Book 2A, Book 2B, and Book 3.

A Book 3 Teacher’s Manual is available in two different formats for schools and homeschoolers, as a binder or a DVD:
- 2" binder hard-copy version
- data DVD digital version

Paperback, spiced richly with original art and illustrations by local Reformed artists, charts, diagrams making the series standing apart from all others

These volumes are part of a teaching concept, unique in English-language curriculum. Separately available are extensive Teacher’s Manuals that accompany the text, including a wealth of background material, numerous suggestions about how to teach chapter, word searches, puzzles, charts, pictures, diagrams, and most importantly, ready-made student activities. Simply, a treasure trove for teachers and home schooling parents. Handy for class-room copying in loose-leaf binder form (or a DVD with powerpoint presentations).

Teacher's Manuals for books 1, 2A, and 2B:
The Flame of the Word - Book 2A - Teacher’s Manual
The Flame of the Word - Book 2a - Teacher's Manual
The Flame of the Word - Book 2b - Teacher's Manual

Paperback, 291 pages, Richly illustrated with original artwork.

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