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Mietje Hulshoff of De aanslag op Napoleon Mietje Hulshoff of De aanslag op Napoleon

by Wiersma, Geertje

The biography of Mennonite clergyman's daughter Maria Aletta (Mietje) Hulshoff (1781-1846) reads like a novel but is actually one of a relatively few books on Dutch resistance against the French occupation of the country during Napoleon's era. Supported by leading revolutionary-minded Dutch Patriots who were disillusioned with the French occupation, Mietje Hulshoff wrote pamphlets against the French occupation, Napoleon's brother King Louis and conscription. She was jailed for her trouble and then plotted to assassinate the emperor. Dismissing the idea that the woman is a rebel, well-known Dutch lawyer and poet Willem Bilderdijk attempted to regain her liberty by describing her as fanatical and insane. After having been set free in 1808, Hulshoff's friends wonder how serious these assassination plans really are. Rearrested in 1809, she escaped jail and her country for the U.S. The author relied largely on court documents, pamphlets and other material to write.

Paperback, 175 pages, Dutch language, special import,

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