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En nog steeds hebben wij twee vaderlanden En nog steeds hebben wij twee vaderlanden

Op avontuur in Nederlands-IndiŽ

by Visser, Carolijn & Malko, Sasza

Roots in the Dutch East Indies and searching for context to your family history? You may want to read this book. Before 1940, Amsterdam residents in search for a job could just as easily move to Jakarta as to Groningen. Hundreds of thousands of people worked in the Dutch East Indies, received their education in the colony and were born there as well. The authors interviewed planters and civil servants, soldiers and missionaries, and their spouses. The book presents a good picture of life in the Indies, including adventures in the jungle and attitudes about a range of subjects. The text appeared earlier in a daily newspaper column and could be helpful as an additional source when, for example, seeking extra social history information for the family history.

Paperback, 163 pages, small print, Dutch language, special import

USD 14.95 / CAD 19.95

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