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Verstoorde vrede Verstoorde vrede

Foto’s van Nederland tijdens de Eerste Wereldoorlog

by Mulder, Liek

During World War I, neutrality turned out to be a painful experience for the Dutch public. The Netherlands remained neutral during the WWI conflict but did not enjoy peace. Both camps attempted to draw the Dutch into the conflict, although each also benefited from its neutrality in various ways. The Dutch regularly withstood Allied and German threats, lost dozens of torpedoed ships, experienced shortages of all kinds through economic blockades, saw demonstrations and internal strife, and was flooded by close to a million Belgian refugees as well as army deserters from both sides, and sustained a high mortality rate among children. About 300 photographs provide an in-depth overview of this era, which was one of armed neutrality. Dutch troops remained mobilized throughout. This unique book pays attention as well to the Belgian refugee camps on Dutch soil and the life in them.

Paperback, 160 pages, illustrated with 300 photographs, Dutch language, special import,

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