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Fonteinen in Nederland Fonteinen in Nederland

by Stokroos, Meindert

How to merge water with artistic expressions? It is done all the time but rarely the subject of an exhibit. This book will fill this void. Anyone visiting the Netherlands will notice its highly developed system of canals, ditches and other drainage channels, anything to control water. There is another element in the Dutch experience with water; artists and architects incorporating water related monuments and other objects: fountains and miniature waterfalls. The country has a significant number of such artistic features, yet it has remained a meagerly explored part of Dutch public design which the author of this book attempts to rectify. A country reknown for its huge Delta Works and Afsluitdijk projects also has a rich heritage in this area.

Hardcover, 159 pages, illustrated, Dutch language, special import

USD 18.95 / CAD 24.95

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