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Van koopman tot icoon Van koopman tot icoon

Johan van der Veken en de Zuid-Nederlandse immigranten in Rotterdam rond 1600

by de Roy van Zuydewijn, Eleonore Anna Irene

The fact that the northern Dutch provinces had been liberated from Spanish rule and the Inquisition was not lost on Europeans elsewhere who lived under repressive regimes. This liberated Delta region became a magnet for many oppressed people, particularly to those still under Spanish rule in the southern region of the Lowlands, Flemish as well as Walloons. The trek north accelerated after the Fall of Antwerp in 1585, after which it lost 60,000 of its population of 100,000. The drop in population in Spanish held territory was significant everywhere. Merchant Johan van der Veken had settled in 1583 in Rotterdam, one of the immigrantcentres in Holland. He became the founder of Rotterdam's East Indies Company (VOC) Chamber and parlayed his fortune into one of the largest in the Dutch Republic. Unlike the great majority of the refugees, Van der Veken was and remained a Roman Catholic. This book is a popular version of the author's dissertation and deals extensively with north-bound southern Dutch migration. She also examines the the merchants' lifestyle, the immigrants' contribution to Dutch society and social attitudes towards Roman Catholics and their way of dealing with it.

Paperback, 386 pages, illustrated, registers, bibliography, notes, Dutch languages, special import,

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