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Historiografie en economie van de 'muntchaos' Historiografie en economie van de 'muntchaos'

De muntproductie van de Republiek (1606 - 1795)

by Polak, Menno S.

Banking systems have been under siege in recent times, which is really nothing new. The payment system in the 17th and the 18th century, in an age with a central bank system, was even more cumbersome and chaotic. In the United Dutch Republic alone, merchants were taking payments in over 800 different coins, issued by competing local and provincial Dutch mints as well as from foreign issuers. A forerunner to central banks, the Bank of Amsterdam pioneered the concept but experienced ups and downs in the process, fixing problems as they occurred. This book is widely referenced in studies on the origin of modern day banking systems. Occasionally Dutch coins issued by Dutch mints are offered for sale on eBay: in March 2010 a 1771 Groningen silver Duit, issued as a New Year's Day present, for 240 euros. This book is a must for coin collectors and those interested Dutch economic history.

Paperback, 312 pages, illustrated, graphs, bibliography, Dutch language, special import,

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