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In een Japanse stroomversnelling In een Japanse stroomversnelling

Berichten van Nederlandse watermannen (1872-1903)

by Van Gasteren, Louis

The export of skills and expertise of the Dutch has old coinage and exotic destinations. In the 1870s, seven Dutch hydraulic engineers and four bricklayers/wickerworkers laboured against great odds in Japan to build harbours and to turn rivers there into navigatible waterways. The men soon discovered that Japanís water management issues differed significantly from the flat terrain at home. Also much different were societal matters and values of the Japanese from those at home. The meeting points of these two cultures received much attention in rare diaries, letters and correspondence, all sources for this book. Well over a century later, there are now numerous places in Japan named after these men whose contributions and names are also recorded in Japan's history books. This large, heavily subsidized volume was published as part of the official quadricentennial of the Dutch and Japanese relations.

Paperback, 560 pages, large format, richly illustrated, map, Dutch language, special import,

USD 32.95 / CAD 39.95

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