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Kanalen van de Koning-Koopman Kanalen van de Koning-Koopman

Goederenvervoer, binnenscheepvaart en kanalenbouw in Nederland en Belgie in de eerste helft van de negentiende eeuw

by Filarski, Rudolf

Canals, which criss-cross the Netherlands, are dug by people. But what is the story behind them. This book tells it in fascinating detail. The author researched a fascinating subject in Dutch history, the infrastructure of the Low Lands, a territory which also covers modern day Belgium. Until the Napoleonic era, shipping mostly took place via rivers and streams, with inland boats sailing to the warehouses on the quays or right to the doorsteps of the merchant houses along city canals. Shipping was often hampered by unfavourable weather conditions, such as too little wind or low water levels. King Willem I implemented vast public works projects which improved freight forwarding with new canals. These waterways accommodated larger barges and controlled water levels with the help of sluices and locks. In an age in which road transport is frustrated by clogged highways, freight forwarding is increasingly returning to newly upgraded canals and container docks in the hinterland. Anyone interested in modern Dutch economic history will want this fascinating and well written book, which originally was researched for a dissertation.

Paperback, 490 pages, Illustrated, maps, barge and ship model images, bibliography, notes, Dutch language with English summary, special import

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